Prosthetic management in orofacial trauma

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BO Akinboboye
MO Adeyemi


Orofacial trauma result in tissue loss that can be of soft tissue, hard
tissue or both tissues. This tissue loss can range from minimal to
extensive tissue loss and the result can be impairment of oral
function and compromise in quality of life. In management of
orofacial trauma, various factors such as defect site, extent age
among other factors are considered. There are variety of prosthetic
replacem ent option depending on site of defect and these ranges
from removable denture, fixed prosthesis, dental implants,
obturators, nasal prosthesis, orbital prosthesis and auricular
prosthesis. The advent of three dimensional (3D) technologies has
enabled th e design and manufacture of prosthesis using computer
aided design/ computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software
that has helped in realization of treatment goals.

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