P attern of orofacial injuries between the genders following interpersonal conflicts in Benin City, Edo State, Ni geria

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IP Osaghae
CO Eriamiator Eriamiator
L Inanoremhe


: To study and compare the causes and presentations of
orofacial trauma, seen in an urban specialist center, between males
and females.
A prospective study of trauma cases that presented to the
maxillofacial clinic between January 2014 and May 2019. Data collected
were gender, age, reason for injury, method of injury and clinical
presentation of hard and soft tissues. A descriptive analysis of data was
done and results presented as frequency tabl es and bar charts.
This comparative study showed that more females
presented to the clinic with soft and hard tissue injuries than males.
Altercations, were relationship based in females and was due to other
factors in men. Blows accounted for causes of injury in males, while
slap was a more common cause of injury in females

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