Orofacial Manifestations of Stress, Anxiety and Depression

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Mercy OKOH
Dickson S. OKOH


Oral changes with psychosomatic etiology are still an insufficiently confirmed and investigated subgroup of psychosomatic diseases. psychogenic factors like stress, anxiety and depression may act as an underlying risk factor that could influence the initiation and development of oral mucosal diseases. Dental practitioners should expect more patients presenting at the dental clinic with underlying emotional and psychological disorders. A review of literature showed a positive association between psychological alterations and changes in the oral mucosa, particularly in conditions like oral lichen planus, recurrent aphthous stomatitis, parafunctional habits, temporomandibular disorders and burning mouth syndrome. Recognition of such psychological or emotional disturbance benefits both the patient and clinician. Hence psychological management should be taken into consideration when treating patients with these psychosomatic disorders

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